WW2 Weapons


WW2 Weapons, PC Game Axis vs Allies, Armies, History, Pictures, War Diary

PC Game Axis vs Allies, Orders of Battle, Chronicle, Weapons, Pictures

Welcome to WW2 !

Here you find a WW2 Game for PC , descriptions, technical data and statistics of weapons, military information and day by day war diary of history and pictures about Axis and Allies from WW2 .

The WW2 PC game WW2Total is the first PC game which includes a strategy game with shooter battles between Axis and Allies. This unique game combination is an independent development by gamers for gamers.

Many of the introduce weapons (tanks, aircrafts, warships, guns) are elements or will be in future elements of this PCr game and the statistics and technical datas are used for the continuos expansion and development of it.

All the information about the history and the collection of pictures are shared with you for viewing !

Daily you will find here new information about the history, weapons new pictures or updates for the PC game.

WW2 Game WW2 Total



Screenshot from the war game WW2 Total.


Firing with Automatic Pistol


War Game WW2 Total
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WW2 Weapons